Rally is a very volunteer intensive sport and lots of help is required to put on a great event. Regardless of your experience level or abilities you can help out and, in return, get the best seat in the house!

We need volunteers August 11th and 12th. Any time you can commit is appreciated, please contact the volunteer coordinator at volunteers@lookoffrally.com for more information.

As a volunteer you will experience some of the most exciting autosport action available. Take a turn as the starter (remember to duck when you yell GO!) or blow the flying finish horn as the rally cars pass the finish line. But remember, rally takes place in the woods. It is important to come prepared. Bring clothing for all weather conditions. Rally happens regardless of weather. You’ll likely want to bring bug repellent. Snacks/Coffee & water will be provided but some extra snacks may make the day more comfortable. There will be lots of action, but there will also be some down time. Bring a friend or a good book. Experienced volunteers are often seen seated comfortably in their folding chair.

Your help as a volunteer is appreciated and necessary to make this event a success. Please sign up and tell a friend!

If you’re interested in helping out at the event, please visit our ‘Volunteer Registration Page‘, or email the volunteer coordinator at volunteers@lookoffrally.com.