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We need many people to fill the many different positions we have in order to have the Ledwidge Lookoff Rally run successfully. Just in case you aren’t sure what kind of things you could volunteer for, here is a small list of the positions, there are many more!

We need volunteers for:

August 11th- In Dartmouth, NS anywhere between 10am until 9pm,

August 12th- In Walton,  NS  9am until 6pm

Blockers- You’ll be situated in the rally stage (i.e. you will be the closest to the action!), you will be blocking an access point to ensure the stage remains safe for competitors.

Starters- You’ll be part of a team situated at the beginning of a rally stage; you could be recording times competitors arrive to your stage, to getting them prepped on the start line, to counting them down to go.

Finishers You’ll be part of a team situated at the end of a rally stage; you could be blowing the horn as they cross the finish, or recording the times on the time sheets.

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