Here is a little information to make your day enjoyable and safe.

Autosport can be dangerous! Please follow instructions, obey the marshals and stay behind the caution tape in the designated spectator areas.


2019 Information Coming Soon!

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Your Comfort

Keep in mind that this is a quarry. There is no grand stand seating.  You’ll need to bring what you need to be comfortable. The spectator stages will last approximately 1.5 hours. There is some walking on packed gravel involved to reach the spectator areas.

What is Happening

The spectator stages are the first competitive sections of this two day performance rally event. This section is designed specifically to allow spectators a chance to see the rally cars in action.  After you have found the perfect viewing position, watch for the course vehicles. The first will be “Vehicle 00” closing the course to traffic. DO NOT ENTER THE COURSE AFTER VEHICLE 00 HAS PAST. The next is “Vehicle 0”, moving at a brisk pace with a flashing light and siren. The course is now HOT. The next car you see will be the top seeded rally car in the event, at full speed. Enjoy the show!

The cars are seeded from fastest to slowest, but stay where you are because they will each be making 4 passes of the stage.

Please drive in a safe and respectful manner on your way home.

Saturday stages will take place on closed roads in the area of Noel/Tennycape, Nova Scotia. If you want to be close to this action, we are always looking for volunteers! Check out the volunteer page for more information and to register!

Spectator Safety

Directions and instructions from rally event officials must be obeyed at all times. Failure to obey instructions from officials may result in removal from the event facilities.


Information: info@lookoffrally.com